We recently shared an update about our new membership tier: Huckleberry Plus, the new home of SweetSpot and Schedule Creator. (Missed it? Read the letter from our CEO, Jessica, here).

As mentioned in the note, we’re giving you a month of free access to experience this new tier. Your free access starts today, and lasts until May 31, 2021.

  • Upgraded SweetSpot: continues to predict the optimal time when your little one is tired-but-not-overtired, and now lets you adjust settings to accommodate for shorter or longer wake windows according to your child’s needs

  • Schedule Creator: helps you figure out a full day’s age-appropriate sleep schedule as your little one’s needs change

Just for our loyal Huckleberry parents, we’re offering you a limited time offer: 50% OFF a Huckleberry Plus annual membership ($2.46/month, billed annually at $29.49).It’s a small price for easier naps--less than a babysitter or coffee--and saves you from having to do wake-window-mental-math every day. Your support allows us to serve as many families as possible. If the discounted price is still beyond your means and you rely on SweetSpot: sign up here and we’ll take care of you.

Note: Non-promotional pricing for Plus is $4.92/mo (billed annually at $58.99), or $9.99/mo when month-to-month. All pricing in USD. International prices vary. This limited time offer is website only and ends June 7, 2021.

Have questions about Huckleberry Plus? Check out our FAQs or email us at hello@huckleberry-labs.com.


The Huckleberry Team