Sleep experts for every family.

The new way to improve your child’s sleep. Huckleberry pairs pediatric sleep experts with AI to create a custom sleep plan with your unique family in mind.
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Meet Huckleberry

We don’t just speak baby — we speak your baby. We solve for everything from short naps to sleep transitions, and everything in between. Our method is allowing us to make sleep help more accessible to all families.

Meet Huckleberry

Adjust your focus as they grow to tackle new milestones. Let Huckleberry keep track of daily schedules and long-term patterns so you can stay in the moment. Brought to you by a team of sleep experts, data scientists, and parents who’ve been there.
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How it works


You track

Can’t remember when they last ate? Working towards longer naps? Huckleberry is easy to use and lets you pick your focus.

We learn

We look at your child's habits, developmental stages, and more to find that sweet spot and make helpful predictions.

They thrive

No generic advice, ever. No crying it out. Use the free tracker for powerful insights or sign up for Huckleberry Premium for in-depth analysis straight from our experts.

You track

Can’t remember when they last ate? Working towards longer naps? Huckleberry is easy to use and lets you pick your focus.
Let's do this!

We handle details so you can focus on what matters.

Huckleberry Parents

This app is awesome. The free sweet spot prediction is game changing on it own. My 6 month old falls asleep in minutes when following the sweet spot recommendation. And for $15 a month subscription, you can cancel anytime, you get a personalized sleep plan. It's a great deal any way you look at it and i highly recommend it!

— Sydney's Mom,

As a full-time working mother of three little ones, I appreciated that I didn't have to research further online or read a million books to find a solution that works for our family. The best thing is my child is now such a happier toddler and getting a consistent full night's sleep!

— Owen's Mom,

Even though my baby was sleeping fairly well, I was interested in participating to improve her sleep and to learn more. I loved the feedback and tips that we received. Every interaction that I had with Huckleberry was personalized and not just cookie cutter feedback.

— Hannah's Mom,

I appreciate that the feedback was tailored directly to my son's sleep issues. It did not assume a one-size-fits-all approach to the eventual analysis

— Asher's Mom,

Definitely worth looking into even if your child sleeps through the night! I'm learning that a child's sleeping habits can constantly change. Its awesome to know that I have this to rely on if I need help!

— Christian's Mom,

She is sleeping much better, especially during the day. The night waking is much better too which is amazing! I've been telling everyone who will listen about Huckleberry! I feel much more capable of dealing with her sleep when I'm back at work using your system.

— Huckleberry Parent, JP