Our Story

As a new parent, I never expected that my child would wake up every few hours for nearly two years, in spite of all the books I read and methods I tried. It turned out there were many others in the same position. I felt in this day and age there must be a way to solve this for all the sleep-deprived people out there who just want the best for their children.

At Huckleberry Labs, we start with the understanding that every child is unique, and every family is unique. By understanding your child’s specific sleep patterns and profile, we combine the best in data science and pediatric sleep research to identify what is going to work for you. You're in good hands. And we’ll be with you each step of the way.

- Jessica Toh
Co-Founder of Huckleberry Labs

Meet The Team

Jessica Toh
CEO & Co-Founder
Jessica knows how it feels to have a child who doesn't sleep well, and wants to save other people from the agony. She has a triple-major in EECS, Math, & Statistics from UC Berkeley, MBA from Univ. of Cambridge, and previously led teams that turned technology into useful insights.
Dr. Seng Toh
CTO & Co-Founder
Seng is that dad who solders a battery onto his kid's solar-powered toy on a cloudy day. He has a Ph.D. in EE from UC Berkeley and diverse experience in R&D and products that live in 95% of mobile phones.
Dr. Daniel Huang
Data Scientist
Daniel has a big heart and is a child at heart, especially when he's with his niece and nephew. He's no softie when it comes to finding patterns in data though. His Post-doc, Ph.D., and B.S. at UC Berkeley combined analytics, biology, and engineering.
Jean San Agustin
Director of Marketing
Stars aligned when Jean’s expertise in marketing and firsthand experience as a new mother, landed her an opportunity to work at Huckleberry. She comes to the company as an experienced marketing professional with deep knowledge of the digital landscape, building strategies, and creative campaigns for world class brands. And just like all parents, trying to figure out this whole parenting thing along the way.
Meg Casano
Meg co-founded the popular Baby Sleep Science company and blog, known for its science-based guidance that is easy to understand. Having helped thousands of families sleep from around the world since 2007, with a nursing background, MS in Biomedical Ethics, and four kids of her own, she has a pulse on what does and does not work for parents.
Dr. Erin Flynn-Evans
Scientific Advisor
Erin heads a prominent sleep research lab, spent 10 years at the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard, holds an MPH from Harvard and a Ph.D. in Health & Medical Science from the University of Surrey. She also co-founded Baby Sleep Science, cutting through the sleep myths and bringing science and practicality to the forefront of children's sleep.
Amber Lore
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Amber has improved the lives of over a thousand families as an experienced pediatric sleep consultant. Prior to this calling, largely inspired by her first child's non-sleeping, she was a family law attorney and brings her exceptional ability to dig into details and piece together what will work for each family.
Amy Mann-Bryant
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Amy understands people. With a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Human Relations, and as a mom, she gets that every family is different and every child is different. As a sleep consultant for over 3 years, she knows what does and does not work for different situations, stages of child development, and temperaments.
Eileen Marshall
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Eileen brings broad experience in developing plans for families with young children to manage sleep, eating, and other behaviors. As a board-certified associate behavioral therapist, she has worked with many parents, caregivers, and children to assess and improve their situation.
Heather Matthies
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Heather is an experienced sleep consultant, Family Nurse Practitioner, and mom of 3--including twins. She understands the challenge of lost sleep. Heather combines science with real world experience to help families regain their momentum and make a difference in the lives of their children and world.
Liz Harden
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Liz approaches children's sleep from the perspective of the whole child and family. With a Master's in Public Health and background in health education & research, she is incredibly passionate about improving sleep for all. She has specialized in sleep since 2012, and is also a certified yoga and mindfulness instructor.
Kristal Miller
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Kristal has been a sleep consultant for 4 years, with glowing feedback from families she has helped. She is both a certified Sleep Consultant and certified Parent Coach, and also a mom of 2. This brings a special empathy and perspective to the families she works with.
Isabelle Edmondson
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Isabelle is an in-demand sleep consultant with over 5 years of experience bringing rest and joy to hundreds of parents across different cultures. She has an uncanny ability to actively listen and find creative solutions to sleep issues that work with people's strengths. The guidance that comes from Huckleberry is very much an extension of Isabelle.