Sleep Tips

When putting baby to sleep — and helping them fall asleep — here's what you need to know. A parent's resource for baby and child sleep tips, written by certified pediatric sleep consultants.

A toddler napping.
A toddler sleeping.
A toddler looking at a book.
A baby sleeping.
A pregnant woman laying on a bed.
A mother reading with her two children.
A woman snoring.
A woman looking at melatonin pills in her hand.
A child in blue, plaid pajamas cuddling a stuffed animal.
A woman is holding a crying baby.
A young child hiding behind her hands from a "monster" in the closet.
A pregnant woman laying on her side using a C-shaped pregnancy pillow.
A child peeking over the bed covers.
A child holding a melatonin gummy.
A pregnant woman sleeping on her side, holding her belly.
A young girl in pajamas smiling.
A photo of a young child sleeping with their stuffed animal, a rabbit.
Toddler in yellow raincoat with orange beanie and green boots walking through the forest during Autumn
A caregiver is holding a baby, who is sucking on their thumb.
A baby is smiling while in a swaddle.
A kindergartener boy is napping on a nap mat.
Two brothers sitting beside each other smiling.
A baby is being comforted by their caregiver in a bassinet while also being swaddled.
A pregnant woman sleeping with a pregnancy pillow.
A smiling baby in a crib with a blue onesie on.
A baby sleeping and smiling while sleeping.
Sleep sacks: When to use sleep sacks & When to stop using sleep sacks
Child sleeping in the crib.
A baby swaddled in a blanket.
A baby in a bassinet.
Wooden crib in neutral nursery room
A small child sleeping in a toddler bed.
Yawning newborn on furry brown blanket
Adult hands holding baby feet in crib
Toddler asleep in bed
Toddler sitting up in bed after having nightmare or night terror
Spring forward
Newborn sleeping soundly in crib. White noise can help babies sleep.
halloween sleep tips toddler sleep schedule on holidays
Baby whimpering while sleeping while mom tries to put him back to bed.
Woman laying in bed on cellphone
Child hiding under blanket
Child sleeping in bed during night time
Child sleeping in bed getting good sleep
Adult sleeping in bed
Photo by from Pexels
Huckleberry Sleep Consultant
bed time books
Mom reading to baby before bed time
Baby on bed Photo by Min An from Pexels
Kids at airport watching airplanes take off
parents and baby
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