Amber LoRe

Pediatric sleep consultant

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

J.D. in Law

BA in Anthropology

Mother of 2

Amber has always considered herself an advocate for children - from early jobs in daycare to her work as a family law attorney. She's been helping families get more sleep since 2011 and never gets tired of hearing success stories from happy clients. Amber lives outside NYC with her husband, their 2 incredible children and their rescue pup.


4 year old sleep schedule
Mom and baby
7 week sleep schedule
5 week old baby sleep schedule header
Mother and newborn baby
An 18 month old and another baby playing together.
A 15 month old stacking blocks.
A baby reaching out to the camera.
A father holding a sleeping baby.
sleep training for 2yos header
A father holding a child.
A caregiver holding a baby.
A baby signing.
A child in blue, plaid pajamas cuddling a stuffed animal.
A child peeking over the bed covers.
2yo regression header
A baby smiling while lying down on their tummy.
A photo of a young child sleeping with their stuffed animal, a rabbit.
30 month header
A toddler sleeping in their bed.
9 Month Old Nap Schedule
how-to-childproof-your-home header
A caregiver is holding a baby, who is sucking on their thumb.
A kindergartener boy is napping on a nap mat.
A baby is being comforted by their caregiver in a bassinet while also being swaddled.
A smiling baby in a crib with a blue onesie on.
first-year-of-sleep-expectations header
infant laying awake
2 year sleep regression
sleep-sacks-why-when-how-long-to-use-and-sizing-tips-by-age header
7 Month Old Sleep Schedule: Bedtime and Nap Schedule
10 Month Old Baby
Child sleeping in the crib.
A baby is swaddled for bed
8 Month Old Baby
A baby in a bassinet.
one month old baby swaddled
12 Month Old Baby
Wooden crib in neutral nursery room
Toddler sleeping with blanket on
A small child sleeping in a toddler bed.
8 month old sleep regression
4 Month Old Baby
Toddler laying in bed going for a nap.
Close-up of baby hands while taking nap
Smiling 8 month old baby on tummy on floor
Toddler napping under covers with stuffed animal
Toddler asleep in bed
Baby sleeping in mother's arms
Spring forward
Amber holds her second baby in a front carrier.
Mother using finger to massage teething baby's gums.
Newborn Baby Holding Parent's Hand
baby cry it out
halloween sleep tips toddler sleep schedule on holidays
23 month old sleep schedule
20 month old sleep schedule
19 month old sleep schedule
A smiling baby standing in a crib wearing a yellow shirt.
6 Month Old Baby
11 Month Old Baby
5 Month Old Baby sleeping peacefully on their back
13 Month Old Baby
Woman laying in bed on cellphone
Child hiding under blanket
Toddler laying down awake and refusing a nap
navigate-sleep-regressions-and-pattern-shifts-like-a-pro header
Child sleeping in bed during night time
Child sleeping in bed getting good sleep
Baby Sleeping In Parents Arms
baby laying down awake in crib
Toddler girl sleeping in her bed
2 mo sleep
Two children laying next to one another on a bed
Adult sleeping in bed
Baby in mom's lap, holding hand
2 year old is stalling header
bed time books
Mom reading to baby before bed time
Baby on bed Photo by Min An from Pexels
Kids at airport watching airplanes take off
3 Month Old Baby
Infant baby sleeping
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