1 Month Old Sleep Schedule: Bedtime and Nap Schedule

Amber LoRe / Pediatric sleep consultant / Updated Dec 23, 2020
one month old baby

At this age we hope to see at least 15.5 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. [Note: for children who were born early, we go by their adjusted age for sleep development.] It’s common to see day/night confusion in the first few weeks of life in addition to very late bedtimes. Be sure to keep it brighter and noisier during the day (but dark and quiet at night) to help your baby sort out their days from their nights. 

Most babies are able to comfortably stay awake for only 30 - 90 minutes at this age, so expect lots of day sleep. It’s very common to feel like all you are doing is changing diapers and feeding your baby before it’s time for them to sleep again!

Sleep can be pretty chaotic during the newborn period as babies won’t start following a typical 24 hour cycle for sleeping and eating until 3-4 months old. We don’t expect any regularity at this age, but here’s an example of what your day could look like.

1 month old sleep time, nap time and bedtime schedule (sample)

Note: Sleep needs vary by child and this chart should be viewed as an example.

Many families find it helpful to follow an “eat, play, sleep” routine in the early months. This means that you feed your baby when they wake, and then follow it up with an activity period. Don’t worry if your “play” period is only long enough for a diaper change and some eye contact before they’re ready for sleep again. 

Naps will vary a lot in the beginning. We won’t expect much regularity with the sleep schedule until after 3-4 months old.

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Created Dec 01 2019