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A baby standing
A baby holding a bottle.
A baby laughing.
A baby cooing.
A baby clapping.
A baby being held in the air by their mother.
Mothers hold their baby.
Parents reading to a baby.
A baby smiling and clapping hands.
A 4 year old girl laughing.
A mother playing with her child.
A mother holding her baby.
Parents holding their child.
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A father holding his child.
A 4 month old baby smiling.
A baby on their tummy, staring at a stuffed animal.
A mother helping her baby sit up.
A 3 year old child finger painting with a caregiver.
A 2 year old laughing.
A baby on their tummy with their father.
An 18 month old and another baby playing together.
A 15 month old stacking blocks.
A 10 month old baby playing.