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13 Month Old Sleep Schedule and Development

Amber LoRe

13 Month Old Sleep Development:

At 13 months old we’ll continue to aim for 3-4 hours of awake time in between sleep periods. Overall sleep needs will start to decrease slightly. [Note: for children who were born early, we go by their adjusted age for sleep development.] Your child may need a bit more awake time before naps or bedtime in order to be sufficiently tired for sleep. We recommend aiming for at least 13.25 hours of total sleep per day (11 hours at night and 2-3 hours of day sleep over 2 naps). 

It’s common to see some nap skipping at this age, as children begin to outgrow their 2-nap schedule windows. You may have some days with one nap and other days with two naps. We recommend continuing to offer two naps a day. On days that naps are short, or a nap is skipped, offer an earlier bedtime to limit overtiredness. If you haven’t already, this would be a good time to update your SweetSpot settings to 1-2 naps to give you the flexibility to get SweetSpot alerts for days you may see a missed nap.

Let’s take a look at a typical 13 month old schedule:

Note: Sleep needs vary by child and this chart should be viewed as an example.

Sleep Tip:

Some older babies really enjoy throwing their pacifier out of the crib at bedtime. Fun game for baby, not so fun for mom and dad! Instead of placing a handful of pacifiers in the crib at bedtime (to just be thrown overboard anyway), we recommend giving them just one or two at bedtime. Then, pop back in after your child has fallen asleep and place a few in the crib. That way, they'll be sure to have one nearby when they wake during the night (and won't need to call out for your help).

Sleep Fact:

 If your child has transitioned to animal milk, speak with your pediatrician about their individual dietary needs. Drinking too much cow’s milk during the day can displace other, more filling, foods. This in turn can lead to night waking from hunger.

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About the Author:

Amber LoRe is a pediatric sleep consultant with Huckleberry. She's always considered herself an advocate for children - from early jobs in daycare to her work as a family law attorney. She's been helping families get more sleep since 2011 and never gets tired of hearing success stories from happy clients. Amber lives outside NYC with her husband, their two awesome children and their rescue pup.