Camila Martelo

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Positive Parenting Educator

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Positive Discipline Parenting Educator

Newborn Care Specialist

Once she entered into the world of motherhood, Camila found her passion for combining sleep education and positive parenting strategies to help families navigate their children's sleep in a way that feels right for them. She is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Positive Parenting Educator, and NCS who has helped hundreds of families achieve better sleep since 2020. Camila lives in the Washington D.C. area with her soon to be family of 4!


A toddler sleeping with a pillow.
A toddler napping.
A toddler sleeping in their bed
A mother and child reading a book.
A group of four children playing outside.
Four children having fun.
Parents talking to their child.
A man is helping a child put on a backpack, getting ready for the day at school.
A person writing in their journal.
Two young boys playing on their tablets.
A mother talking to her younger child.
A child holding a timer.
A young girl in pajamas smiling.
Two parents are laughing with their two children.
A child and their father are laughing and smiling while playing with blocks.