Gemma Coe, BSc (hons) Nursing, PGCE, MPH

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

BSc(hons) Nursing (Children)

Masters degree in Public Health

Postgraduate Certificate in Adult Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Research

Mother of 2

Gemma has worked in the health and medical education sector for two decades. She became completely obsessed with sleep (and getting more of it!) after the birth of her daughter and this shifted her career. Gemma particularly enjoys working alongside families with toddlers and pre-school children.

Gemma lives just outside London in the UK with her husband, two cheeky children and her backgarden chickens.


A girl blowing her nose in a tissue.
A baby sleeping.
A child in the doctor's office, with a doctor looking at their nose.
A baby starting to walk with his mother in the background.
A baby with a pacifier.
A woman is holding a crying baby.
A child holding a melatonin gummy.
A baby is smiling while in a swaddle.
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A woman burping a baby.
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