Expert sleep guidance, as unique as your child.

Traditional sleep consultations cost hundreds of dollars. We believe all families should have access to expert, tailored guidance. Whether you're cosleeping, want a more gentle approach, or are feeding at every waking, the Huckleberry team is with you every step of the way--without breaking the bank.



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Track sleep, feedings, growth, and more
SweetSpot®: predicts when your child will next be ready to sleep
Monthly history reports
Adaptive diagnostic quiz
Sleep analysis by sleep experts and AI
Custom schedules
Week-by-week sleep guides
Follow-ups to sleep schedules and guides
Customizable SweetSpot
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This one time fee covers setting up a new family
in our system, including reviewing your initial data.

This one time fee covers setting up a new family in our system, including reviewing your initial data.

Custom guidance made for you.

Get a single custom sleep plan, or choose Huckleberry Premium for updated advice every month as your child develops. Every sleep plan includes:

Sleep Profile
Our experienced experts examine your child's patterns and questionnaire responses to come up with your child's sleep profile and root causes of the patterns you're seeing.


Recommended Schedule
The schedule(s) take into account nap transitions, timing constraints (e.g., dropping off older siblings, work schedules), and your child's biological needs.


Step-by-Step Plan
Your easy-to-follow guide will tell you not just what to do, but how to do it. We won't just tell you to cry it out. Whether it's frequent wakings, early risings, short naps, or you just want to check if things are on track, we have you covered.


Track Progress
Use the interactive checklist to keep track of progress. Have a question about your plan? No problem.

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