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Updated Jul 11, 2024
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Remember the magic of childhood summers? Now, as a parent, it’s chaos: childcare switch-ups, traveling, and allllll the weekend plans. It may seem like a choice between your family’s sleep needs or fun but we can help you find a balance!

Huckleberry Sleep Camp is a digital homage to summer camp that aims to improve your family’s summer sleep habits and make room for some fun in your hectic schedule.

This month, we’re making summer a little easier on families by sharing seasonal sleep support. This ✨free✨ themed guide is chock-full of expert advice, activities, and age-appropriate ideas to help improve your child’s sleep. 

Find more summer fun on Instagram @huckleberrycare. We’re hosting giveaways, family-friendly yoga, a community parks project to inspire your wanderlust, and opportunities to ask our world-class experts about bedtime and feeding-related sleep challenges.

Need heavier-hitting sleep support to get you through summer? We’re offering 30% off Huckleberry Plus memberships now through July 19th. With Plus, you can keep tabs on wake windows during outings without having to do the nap math. You'll receive access to SweetSpot® which can tailor your family’s sleep needs and keep summer a breeze.

Thanks for joining us and welcome to Huckleberry Sleep Camp!

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