Introducing Huckleberry's Day View feature

Huckleberry baby tracker app - baby sleep tracker

We're always looking for more ways to make our free app a great support tool for parents with young children, and our best source of inspiration is parents like you. We continue to hear from parents that they'd love a better way to visualize their child's day so we did just that.

Introducing the newest feature to our app. When you update your app in the app store (ios, android), you'll be able to toggle to Day View to get a summary of the total for the day in sleep, diapers and feeding. As you scroll down, you will get a calendar view of all tracked activities for the day.

Bonus: Our Huckleberry Premium and Plus members will be able to add and update sleep schedules that they have created in Schedule Creator to Day View to see how your child's sleep is tracking against the schedule you created. Example of how a custom schedule looks in Day View can be seen in the above picture as the hashed blue blocks behind tracked activities.

Day View will display the last Sleep Schedule you created. If you want to refresh your schedule you can access Schedule Creator from either child settings or the chart filter (top right icon on the chart screen).