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Sleep isn’t just important for baby - we all feel better when we’re well-rested. Forget the coffee, and try Huckleberry - the easy-to-use app paired with pediatric sleep experts that helps your baby - and you - sleep easy.
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A wealth of sleep help (all in one app)

A wealth of sleep help (all in one app)

Whether it’s sleep associations, regressions, or 20 minute naps, every family has sleep challenges - yes, even the ones that look well-rested! That’s where we come in: combining data from millions of naps and bedtimes, adding expert sleep recommendations, and giving you personalized info to help your baby sleep well.

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The Huckleberry app makes life easier

Accurate nap prediction

Try Sweetspot®, our magic predictor of that perfect tired-but-not-too-tired moment when your child is primed for sleep, based on their age, stage, and well, science!

Tracking for everything (really)

Easily track and compare total day and night sleep with our visual guides, and glean valuable insights at a glance. Plus, track nursing, feeding, diapers, medicine, growth, and everything else baby related, all in one place.

Extra Expert Help

With Huckleberry Permium, reeceive personalized guidance with our sleep analysis, and custom, easy-to-follow sleep plans. Use our recommended schedules, or make it your own and adjust for your day-to-day needs. Plus, get access to custom SweetSpot, where you can adjust times as your child and needs change.

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