This is Jessica, Huckleberry Co-Founder. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy! I wanted to personally update you on some changes coming to Huckleberry on April 29 that may change your app experience, and why we’re making this move.

We started Huckleberry to make a good night’s sleep accessible to as many families as possible. Most of the app is completely free to use, and that will continue.

However, in order to continue improving the experience and growing the team of developers and support, we are catching up on some changes to membership options that we delayed due to the pandemic.

Starting April 29, we’ll be introducing a new membership tier called Huckleberry Plus. Existing users, like you, get free access until June 1.

Plus will include:

  • An upgraded SweetSpot that lets you customize wake windows, giving you more control.

  • A Schedule Creator that helps you figure out a full day’s age-appropriate sleep schedule.

(The existing Premium tier remains the same, and includes Plus features.)

First, you can count on Huckleberry to provide free access to ALL baby tracking features...FOREVER!

Starting June 1, 2021, SweetSpot will be available only with a membership.

It’s a while from now, but we wanted to give you plenty of notice.

To ease this transition, you will be getting 50% off annual Plus membership (just $2.46/month; billed annually at $29.49 for the first year). To access this promotion click here.

Note: Non-promotional pricing for Plus is $4.92/mo (billed annually at $58.99), or $9.99/mo when month-to-month. All pricing in USD. International prices vary. Limited time offer ends June 7. This is a website only promotion.

If at the end of your free access you choose not to upgrade, you’ll still be able to use all of the features available in our free app--including the upcoming addition of Day View, a daily summary giving you a great way to visualize your kiddo’s day.

If $2.46/mo is beyond your budget and you rely on SweetSpot--don’t worry! We will take care of you. We want you to still receive the sleep support you need. In the nearterm we have come up with a program that will allow all families who are looking for financial assistance for their Plus memberships. Please click here to apply.

Questions? Check out the Huckleberry Plus FAQ below, or send us an email with any questions or concerns by dropping us a line here. We’d love to hear from you.

As always, thanks for being with us on this journey of bringing better sleep to families!


Jessica Toh

Co-founder and CEO

A: Free app: 

  • Simple, one-touch tracking for sleep, diaper changes, feedings, pumping, growth, and medicine (and more to come!)

  • Sleep summaries and history, plus average sleep totals

  • Daily running totals for feedings, diapers, etc.

  • Reminders when it’s time for medication, feedings, and more

  • Sync with multiple caregivers across different devices using the same account

Huckleberry Plus:

  • All of the above, plus:

  • SweetSpot nap and sleep time predictor, now enhanced to allow for more fine-tuning

  • Schedule Creator to generate age-appropriate schedules that are tailored to your day

Huckleberry Premium:

  • All of the above, plus:

  • Personalized sleep plans to address your specific sleep challenges

A: This update will allow us to be able to continue providing Huckleberry users with the best options in sleep care and beyond. We’re always looking to add more features and options to help parents and caregivers day-to-day, and we look forward to bringing you more guidance and features to come.

Creating, supporting, and improving an app + service requires hiring a team of engineers, data scientists, pediatric experts, support staff, cloud servers and more.

Many people use Huckleberry for general baby tracking (and SweetSpot doesn't kick in until 2 months) to be like a second brain, which remains completely free, without ads. We will also have a program for families facing financial hardship. We believe families in all situations should be able to access good sleep.

A: A Huckleberry Plus subscription works out to just $4.92/mo (when billed on an annual basis at $58.99) or $9.99 month-to-month (USD). Prices vary based on currency and country.

This is generally less than a single hour of babysitting or a couple of coffees. Better sleep and not having to run math calculations in your head? Invaluable. We will also have a program for families facing extreme financial hardship. We are working out the details, but families can register here.

A: Your Huckleberry Premium remains the same: you’ll still have access to SweetSpot (both the suggested and custom version), Schedule Creator, and the ability to submit for your analysis and custom sleep plans by a pediatric sleep expert.

Your data will always be saved, whether you’re using our free app, Premium, or Plus. After your free Plus trial, you’ll no longer have access to SweetSpot and Schedule Creator, but if you choose to subscribe to Plus or Premium, all your previous settings will be waiting for you.

A: Since your little one can’t make use of these features, your free trial of Plus will be automatically activated once your baby turns 2 months old (adjusted age if born early), so you can enjoy access to these features when you can use them.

A: Huckleberry members who joined prior to April 29: your trial starts immediately and ends May 31, 2021*.

Note: Newborn members with little ones under 2 months old: your trial will start when your baby turns 2 months (adjusted), and ends 30 days later.

A: New members joining after April 29: Trial ends 14 days after you create your account.

Note: New members with little ones under 2 months old: your trial will start when your baby turns 2 months (adjusted), and ends 14 days later.

A: Yes, all child profiles on your account will have access to SweetSpot. For newborns, it will be activated after they turn 2 months old (adjusted).

A: All Huckleberry members are automatically opted in to the trial, but you’re not obligated to use the features. We don’t collect payment details, and you won’t be automatically subscribed once the trial period ends.

A: The free trial will end automatically on May 31, 2021 for existing customers, and 14 days after account creation for new members who join after April 27th, 2021.

A: The free trial period for members with little ones older than 2 months is only until May 31, 2021, and can’t be delayed or extended. If you’re the parent of a newborn, your trial will begin when your baby turns 2 months old, and will last for one month.

A: Your free trial will end when you subscribe, and you can continue to enjoy all the benefits that come with Plus without any breaks.

A: You can purchase a single sleep plan that provides you with helpful guidance to your specific sleep challenge, while still being part of our Plus program. You can also upgrade to Huckleberry Premium, which provides in-depth sleep guidance for your sleep goals. To change plans, read here.

A: If you completed your subscription through Apple via an in-app purchase, you can manage your subscriptions here. If you completed your subscription through Android, PayPal, or on our website, contact customer support at 

A: At this time, SweetSpot is only available with a Plus or Premium plan. We’ll be continuing to add more features to Huckleberry Plus in the future and sharing more about additions to this plan.

A: You bet - as soon as you’ve successfully subscribed to either Plus or Premium plans, you’ll receive SweetSpot access right away.

A: At this time, we don’t have a pause function, but you can cancel your subscription and resubscribe when you’re ready to join again.

A: We currently only have gift cards available for Huckleberry Premium plans, but check back soon!

A: As a Huckleberry member, you’ll receive 50% off an annual subscription for a full year, starting on the day you subscribed to Huckleberry Plus and redeemed your offer. If you subscribe during your free trial, your subscription will begin the day you purchase your subscription.

A: As a Huckleberry member, you’ll receive the 50% off an annual subscription offer for a full year. After that time, Huckleberry Plus will be available to you at the regular price. Please note prices are subject to change.

A: If you completed your subscription through Apple via an in-app purchase, you can manage your subscriptions here. If you completed your subscription through Android, PayPal, or on our website, contact customer support at If you purchased an annual subscription, please contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

A: We’re not offering free trials for Huckleberry Premium at this time, but do have single sleep plans and monthly memberships available, plus our annual plans. You can check out our various plan offerings here.