Now introducing activities tracking for the Huckleberry app

Updated Oct 19, 2023
activities tracking announcement

We are thrilled to announce our new Activity Tracking feature in the Huckleberry app. Now, you can track tummy time, bathtime, screentime, and other activities for infants and toddlers.

There are eight activities to choose from in our new tracking feature: Skin-to-skin, storytime, outdoor play, indoor play, teeth brushing, tummy time, screen time, and bath time. You’ll find the new tiles laid out on the home screen for easy access.

All activities can be tracked either by using a timer or by simply logging if they did the activity or not. So whether you’re counting the seconds your newborn holds their head up or just want to keep better tabs on how much outdoor play your kiddo’s getting, the activities tracker has your back.  

Need a little more detail? You can add notes to each feature to help you better document your child’s activity. For example, if you’re keeping track of storytime, the notes feature is a great place to log favorite bedtime books. And if you forget to add any details during the moment, it’s no sweat. You can always go back and edit activity logs later. 

Best of all, you can see your child’s activities on all report types, including day view, week view, summary, and list. Reports will show the activity type, duration, and any notes you’ve entered.

This is a great addition for those who want to share tummy time details with the pediatrician at your next checkup or if you’re too exhausted to remember how many baths your infant’s had in the past two weeks. (Don’t need all the info? You can simply toggle off activities.)

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