Dr. Natalie Berriz, PhD, BCBA & Dr. Melissa Andersen, PhD

Pediatric Feeding Psychologists

Clinical psychology

Dr. Melissa Andersen and Dr. Natalie Berriz co-lead the Interdisciplinary Pediatric Feeding Program at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital within the University of Michigan Health System.

Drs. Andersen and Berriz are dedicated specialists in pediatric feeding psychology, focusing on promoting oral feeding success and preventing feeding problems in infants born prematurely or with medical conditions. Their comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach involves collaboration with physicians, registered dietitians, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists. The core of their approach is rooted in cue-based feeding, an evidence-based method prioritizing infants’ feeding cues, they ensure safe, comfortable, and positive oral feedings, ultimately leading to successful weaning from feeding tubes. Together, Drs. Andersen and Berriz actively advocate for family collaboration and seeks partnerships aligned with family goals while providing a comprehensive and evidence-based approach to pediatric feeding, ensuring optimal outcomes for their young patients.