Easy DIY Baby and Toddler Snacks: Chickpeas 3 Ways

Jennifer Jolorte Doro Clinical Nutritionist & Postpartum Chef / Last Updated Dec 08, 2020
Roasted Chickpeas

As we continue to navigate shelter in place and social distancing orders, taking trips to the grocery store are becoming less and less frequent for a lot of parents. If you’re looking for an alternative to the off the shelf snacks for kids, here are 3 easy chickpea recipes your whole family, including your little one, is sure to love.

Chickpeas are the perfect pick me up. They are easy to make and require minimal ingredients. These recipes are perfect for the entire family. Babies, toddlers, grandparents - you name it. 

Sleep Tip: Studies show that when children are fed well balanced diets, they may sleep longer. Providing nutritious snack options like chickpeas with high protein and fiber allow one to feel fully satiated.  

Truly the easiest snack recipe to ever exist as it has only two ingredients and requires very minimal prep work.

Prep: 5-10 Minutes Cook Time: 20- 30 Minutes 

Ingredients: chickpeas, oil 

An update on a favorite snack. An extremely tasty, approachable snack for everyone in the family to enjoy. Perfect activity for tots too! 

Prep: 30 Minutes Cook Time: 30 Minutes 

Ingredients: chickpeas, sweet potatoes, optional seasoning

Typically this delicious vegetarian option is fried. In this version, it is baked and gluten free. Easy to assemble and can be frozen to be enjoyed for many weeks to come.

Prep: 10 Minutes Cook Time: 25-30 Minutes 

Ingredients: chickpeas, lemon juice, red onion, optional seasoning 

Tools: Food Processor 

Created May 23 2020