The potty training tools you didn’t know you needed

Updated Feb 24, 2023
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The road to potty training can be a long one, full of ups and downs and even some regressions, as your little one embarks on potty independence. Whether you’ve found luck with a kiddo who trains themself (jealous!) or you are deep in the trenches, know this: potty training is all about your child learning a new skill and, with your love and support, they will figure it out. 

Along the way – from remembering when they last went to prompting them to go – it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything you need to stay on top of. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new tools for potty training! Our tracking and reminder features, as well as deep-dive reports, can help you and your child with all things potty. 

Log potty activities (like pee, poo, size, and consistency), set reminders to prompt your child to go, and get detailed reports that help you understand how your child is progressing towards potty independence.  

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Huckleberry’s Potty Learning Progress Report also gives you deeper insights so you can see the patterns in your child’s potty use. Choose a day, week, or month view to see progression, as well as the average time between your child’s potty sessions. (So helpful to know if your little one likes to hold it or needs a potty break every 30 to 45 minutes.)

Potty training app side by side.

Here’s a quick overview of how these new potty training features can help you stay on top of this big transition:

  • Log potty trips, accidents, and diapers 

  • Choose pee, poo, or both (as well as size and consistency)

  • The potty category will be available on your home screen

  • Pro Tip: Set reminders to prompt your child to use the potty — remind at certain times, like 10 AM and 3 PM, or at certain time intervals, such as 1 hour from the last time you logged a potty trip

To try out these new features, update your Huckleberry app!

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