How to access enhanced sleep reports on Huckleberry

Updated Jul 26, 2023
Enhanced Reports

Between work meetings, getting dinner on the table, and actually spending some time with your tiny humans, you’re busy. And hey, we know you busy parents don’t have time to do all the mental math on your child’s sleep. Nap lengths, total nighttime sleep, and wait - how many hours are they supposed to be getting again? 

Don’t stress. Our sleep reports give you helpful information on all the sleep variables you may be wondering about. Check out what you can do:

  • View sleep totals and learn trends: View nap totals, nighttime totals, and daily sleep for the last day, week, month, or up to a full year. It’s easy to access your little one’s sleep trends, with insight that can help you notice patterns and make needed tweaks.

  • View sleep averages: If you want to see your child's sleep summary averages for a specific time period, simply find the time period you're looking for, then tap the individual bar in the chart. 

    • One day: If you're looking at the 7, 14, or 30 day view, this gives you the averages for the single day selected. 

    • One week/month: If you want to see the averages for a specific week or month, toggle to the 90 day view for weekly averages, then the 1 year view for monthly averages.

Take a look: To try it out, tap on the bar graph icon on the bottom navigation bar in the app.

Do a sleep data deep dive with Plus & Premium

Image of enhanced reports

Huckleberry Plus and Premium memberships give you access to additional reports: Wake Window vs SweetSpot® and Rise and Bedtime. When you have this big-picture view of your child’s sleep, you can see trends or make needed adjustments to timing or routines. 

  • Check out a side-by-side comparison between SweetSpot recommendations and your baby’s wake windows

  • Compare your babe’s sleep patterns and daily averages with the recommended amount of sleep for babies of a similar age

  • See baby’s rise and bedtimes in a simple trend line, helping you spot any big changes

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