How to use our magical sleep predictor, SweetSpot®

Updated Jul 26, 2023

Parenting comes with a lot of guesswork - especially for the littlest kiddos who can’t tell us what they need. That’s why we created SweetSpot®: our almost-like-magic sleep predictor that helps take the guessing out of at least one aspect of kid caretaking. This feature is one of the most popular among Huckleberry parents, who call it “a lifesaver” and “irreplaceable.” 

Using the data from your little one’s sleep logs, as well as age-appropriate recommendations, SweetSpot calculates that perfect tired-but-not-too-tired time when your baby is primed for sleep. It lets you know the time when your baby is most likely to sleep well for a nap or bedtime. This can help babies fall asleep, and stay asleep, more easily.

Treat SweetSpot like a weather prediction. It is a guide, but you should still look at sleepy cues at the moment.

Visit the Child Profile screen (bottom navigation bar in the app), and tap SweetSpot Settings. You can adjust when bedtime is and how many naps your little one takes. Transitioning between the number of naps per day? We got you. Choose a set number, or between two options (e.g. “2 - 3 naps”). Toggle to see your recommendation for both, depending on that day’s naps.

Yup! For most kids, the SweetSpot recommendation is when they should be primed for sleep. So, if it takes you 15 minutes to get them ready for a nap, and another 15 to fall asleep, start your routine 30 minutes before your SweetSpot time. To make it easy, set up a phone notification for “x minutes” before the SweetSpot time: just visit Settings --> SweetSpot Alert.

No problem. If you’re finding your child’s wake windows are shorter or longer, use Custom SweetSpot. Go to Child Profile, tap SweetSpot Settings, and tap the Custom SweetSpot to toggle on. Nudge the times shorter or longer, or specify your own exact wake windows. You’re good to go!

For more tips and info on how to make SweetSpot work for you, check out our FAQ here.

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