Our magical sleep predictor, SweetSpot®, is now even better

Updated Apr 20, 2023
Our magical sleep predictor, SweetSpot®, is now even better | Huckleberry

SweetSpot is one of our most popular — seriously, people call it “life-changing” — features in the Huckleberry app. Parents absolutely love the ease and convenience of our magical nap predictor — and now SweetSpot is even better!

We’ve improved the accuracy of SweetSpot, now giving you even better nap predictions based on your logged sleep sessions.

Our new SweetSpot works by using age-appropriate wake windows, combined with information from your child’s individual sleep patterns. We’ve improved and streamlined our algorithm to make things easier for you. And nope, there’s no new feature to toggle on or off—if you’re already using SweetSpot, you’re getting the new version!

That’s right. Our algorithm does the work for you, based on your child’s age and when and how much you log your baby’s naps and bedtimes. 

Yes, the personalized predictions and wake windows are still age-appropriate. We don’t adjust solely based on the child's sleep patterns. Through consulting with our experts, we understand that there is a range of age-appropriate wake windows, so we stay within those ranges to remain age-appropriate with our predictions.

Our predictive modeling is based on all infant sleep data that we have and your child's actual logged sleep patterns. We combine with this guidance from our expert sleep consultants to remain age-appropriate.  This means that if there was one day where your baby went down for a nap 10 minutes later than usual, SweetSpot wouldn’t permanently adjust the next day.  We look for repeating patterns over at least the last 5 days of logged sleep, so it takes a few days for adjustments to happen, if they’re needed. 

We will still be able to give you a SweetSpot prediction! We do this based on the last logged nap and your child’s age. It’s important to know that this prediction will be less personalized to your child’s nap patterns, though. 

There can be other factors that can contribute to over-tiredness (environmental, developmental, illness, etc) and our predictions are only as good as the data provided in the logs. Remember that you are the expert on your child and have all the context that our app doesn’t have.  If you’re finding your child’s wake windows are shorter or longer, use Custom SweetSpot. Go to Child Profile, tap SweetSpot Settings, and tap the Custom SweetSpot to toggle this feature on.

This is because SweetSpot is all about the personalization! The blog and Schedule Creator schedules use default wake windows— average wake windows for children based on age. We understand that not all children will fit into the average wake window values for their age, which is why SweetSpot adjusts based on the child's actual logged patterns. 

If you prefer the prior version of SweetSpot, you can turn on Custom SweetSpot and use default wake windows.

Above all, remember that you’re the best parent for your child, so follow your parental instincts! Use SweetSpot as a guide, but you should still consider sleepy cues, your child’s daily events, and other factors like sickness or teething. 

Note: The content on this site is for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from your doctor, pediatrician, or medical professional. If you have questions or concerns, you should contact a medical professional.